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    Why do cpu sockets change so frequently compaired to the other parts on a computer? I just feel like the manufacturers could make better use of the existing technology. Instead of adding more cores for multitasking why don't they just put more cache and actually make the cpus faster in raw speed. I can't play games and check my email at the same time so why are they taking a perfictly good size cpu socket and making it obsolete?
  2. RogueCoder

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    I'm not sure if you know what a CPU Socket is. The socket is where you plug in a CPU and contains a certain number of "sockets" for CPU pins to connect to. For example, socket 775 CPUs have 775 pins.

    Adding Cache is often done to more expensive models of a single CPU line, all of which use one socket. However, when you add more cores or make it faster, you must be able to transfer more data, which means more pins, which means a new CPU socket.
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    Putting one cache is so expensive that it can't be done, so putting more cores is the only option left that can be done to increase the speed of the CPU's.

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