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  1. James A

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    Just wanted clarification on how clients should be setup and how to restrict their options.

    So far I have created a client for each email domain we host, we don't do websites, and have assigned these to the appropriate domains under the Mail Domain settings. I have also assigned these to the DNS zones we have configured for each client.

    Logging onto the client account shows tabs for Sites, DNS etc which I don't want to appear. To get rid of these tabs for the user do I simply go into system > CP User and edit the module list for the username automatically created when adding the client?

    If so what does the following message apply to?

    "WARNING: Do not edit or modify any user settings here. Use the Client- and Reseller settings in the Client module instead. Modifying or changing Users or groups here may cause data loss!"

    ie if I disable the DNS module because I don't want the individual client to make changes here will that delete the current records I have created where the client has been specified. If this is the case I assume I would have to un-assign these from the client and then make the changes under CP User. Or will it simply remove the tab for the user but keep the record so that I can make changes as and when required.

    Basically I only want to give clients the option to manage their own email addresses and email quotas.

    Many thanks for the help in advance.
  2. till

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    Edit the files /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/ and /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/ and change the setting:

    $conf['interface_modules_enabled'] = 'dashboard,mail,sites,dns,tools,help';


    $conf['interface_modules_enabled'] = 'dashboard,mail,tools,help';

    This affects only new clients. For existing clients, disable the modules that you dont need under System > cp users.

    It disables only the tab. We just had to add the martial warning messages as some poeple started to add ispconfig users under CP users for their clients manually and then wondered why nothing worked correctly afterwards. Editing modules of a existing user or changing a password there is fine.

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