create website again, but dns is not visible

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by aurelius, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. aurelius

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    A few day ago I deleted a website from ispconfig, emptyd all recycler bins. Today I recreate the same website, and everything is oke. But looking in the dns section the zone is not visible. If I add him manually, it says that this soa already exist. When I click search it finds an entry for the deleted dns. I have two options ( [Bearbeiten] ) and delete. My system is English but some times german words replace the english ones. I assume that [Bearbeiten] means show or open this file. There is also the option to delete it, but that does not work.

    In the ispconfig database I see some fragments of this old dns entry. Can I just remove this manually?

  2. till

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    Please empty all rececle bin's in the dns manager. Emptying the recyle bin's in the isp-manager is not enough as this does not remove dens entries.


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