creating domain does not create dns zone

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by divine, May 29, 2014.

  1. divine

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    i am new to ispconfig. I noticed that when i create a domain there is no DNS zone created. Is this intended to add dns zone manually or is there some configuration i am missing?

    If so are there any plans to add this functionality? (i have never seen a panel where dns zone is not created automatically when domain is being created)
  2. srijan

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  3. divine

    divine New Member

    i am sorry this is totally unrelated to my question. (and i chose mydns instead of bind)
  4. till

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    Yes, thats intended.

    It is planned to add a wizard that creates website, dns zone, email domain etc. in one step.

    ISPConfg is a modular controlpanel so web, mail and dns are separated and not everyone wants dns records to be created automatically when a website is added.
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  5. divine

    divine New Member

    I see. It would be nice to have an option (like a tick for "create dns zone+... when creating domain").

    Thank you very much for a detailed answer.

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