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    Would it be possible to add creation and modification date on all howto's?
    When I find an interesting howto, I'm not sure if I should follow it because the procedure described might be outdated.
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    Tutorials that are for a specific Linux version only have the name of the Linux Distribution + version in the title, so they will work for this version now and in 10 years in the exact same way as the procedure will always be valid for this version. E.g. when the tutorial states that it is for Debian wheezy, then the instructions are for Debian wheezy and will work on it.

    Using the date instead of the Linux distribution version may lead to problems as the date says nothing for which Linux version it will work, I can write or update a tutorial with today's date for Debian 3.1 because I fixed something in the guide, you would use it then for Debian 8 because it has today's date but the tutorial is not intended for Debian 8 and the procedure must fail for you then. So using the Linux distribution name and version to show for which Linux version a tutorial is meant for is better in my opinion.
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