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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Smitty, Nov 19, 2007.

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    debian 3.1 Perfect Setup
    CRELoaded v6.2.11 oscommerce


    I discovered that I don't have the mcrypt libraries, for php4, installed, necessary to support credit card encryption at a CRELoaded store, installed into one of my domains under ispconfig.

    I found where you recommended to someone else in the forum where the mcrypt library support flag would have to be added to the ISPConfig on a reinstallation. Though that's not a particularly attractive option for me, as I have already invested quite a bit of time on this box, already, it's not one that I can't do. I could upgrade the box on a reinstall to debian 4.0, but that would take me to PHP5, which isn't a particularly attractive option, either (yet).

    Would you have suggestions on how I might implement the mcrypt library support into my ispconfig installation, without having to go through a reinstall of ispconfig?

    Can I simply install the mcrypt libraries for php4 via apt?

    apt-get install php4-mcrypt

    If I'm able to just apt-get install these libraries for mcrypt, are there any additional, post install, re-configuration that would have to do?

    If the ISPConfig reinstall is my only means of enabling the mcrypt libraries into the php4 configuration under ispconfig, can you eloborate on the proper switches to the ispconfig install onto this debian 3.1/php4 setup to get them properly installed into ispconfig so that they'd be properly extended to my domain configurations for ecommerce.

    I've managed to get CRELoaded successfully configured, under a shared SSL configuration, with exception to this/these mcrypt library omission(s).

    ... in advance, thanks. ISPConfig is great!

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    Yes This should work.

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