cron.d auth problem : missing entry in subuid/subgid for some website users

Discussion in 'General' started by ISPConfigBigFan, Nov 12, 2015.

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    I'm running an ISPConfig 3 in a multiserver setup on a few Ubuntu 14.04 LTS servers. I have to run some cron tasks for all my websites. It works well for more than 150 websites.
    But for six of them, i'm getting an "Authentication failure" in the cron log. I'm gone through this all the day and discovered some strange things that I don't know how to fix.
    For websites where cron tasks are working i can use su - webXXX from command line. For those not working, i can't and get this error :
    su: Authentication failure

    I've verified groups and permissions. It's ok except in two files :
    - /etc/subuid
    - /etc/subgid

    For websites users where cron tasks do not work, i don't have any entry in those two files.
    And I guess it's the cause of my problems. So is there a way to fix this without deleting those websites and create them again ?
    Thanks for your time.

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