do not write backups in /var/backup they stay uncompressed in /tmp

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    1) Thank you !
    First thank you for this great software, I use it for many years. I always found my answers in those forum so I didn't post. But right now I'm facing a problem with a new ISPConfig installation and it seems I can't find the solution on my own.

    2) My ISPConfig version and installation informations
    My ISPConfig version is ISPConfig . I want to update but I would like to resolve this problem first. The operating system is CentOS release 6.5.
    I have two ISP Config servers working in primary/secondary mode. I have some websites on the primary servers and some websites on the secondary. My primary server handles everything as primary server (DNS, mails, and so on) except websites which i wanted to distribute over the two servers to split the load.

    3) My problem
    Each time the script is called by crontab, it's supposed to write backups in /var/backup/<websiteid> . It works on all my servers with no problem. But on this one, I just see files in /tmp which stays here and aren't put in /var/backup.
    This can end up with error 500 on websites if /tmp is full after a few tries.

    I can't figure out why these backups are staying uncompressed in /tmp and with a temporary name.

    I tried to run the script manually but didn't see anything wrong in the console.

    Any idea ?

    Thanks for your help.

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