Cronjob difficulties

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by schnappo, Feb 17, 2017.

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    I have got difficulties with the following cronjobs:
    One is running in an additional php-Version:
    `/opt/php-5.6.25/bin/php [web_root]/a.php cli/auto>/dev/null 2>&1`
    It works fine when executed as root on the command line. When running in a cronjob this error message is found in auth.log
    `Feb 16 12:39:01 ispconfig jk_chrootsh[14294]: abort, homedir ... does not contain the jail separator <jail>/./<home>`
    In another web I've got a similar error message. These webs seem to be chrooted without me knowing why and how this happened. I am not aware of doing anything differently when setting them up.
    However, is there a way to get these cronjobs running?
    Thank you for any help to get this going.

    Oh sorry, wrong forum. I don't know how to move this to ISPConfig installation forum. Could a moderator do that please?

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