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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by ledoktre, Dec 8, 2014.

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    I am wondering about how difficult it might be to add a custom boolean filed to the mailbox page in ISPConfig3. I'd like to be able to control access to that through templates, and be able to turn on and off on the mailbox page.

    More specifically, it would be something that would allow some extra access to other mail services. A specific SQL query to check userid and boolean=1 could be used to authenticate the user against the extra service.

    Any idea if thats possible or how difficult it may be? Where to begin?

    Right now there seems to be boolean fields there for "Enable Receiving", "Disable SMTP", "Disable POP", and "Disable IMAP". I would be interested to add one for this extra service I was referring to.

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    Thats quite esay, you just add the definition in the form file, the html in the html template file and then add the fiels to the database table. You dont have to write any php code or change sql queries as thats all handled by the form handler automatically.
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    Thank you Til, will check it out!

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