Custom Kernel and Installing nVidia Drivers (Xandros)

Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by neu2linux, Oct 6, 2005.

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    I have followed several tutorials for debian, but always end up having issues with Xandros.

    Even using xconfig, choosing some options, ect.. But always get lockup during initlizing kernel.

    Anyways, would be nice to see some tutorials on Xandros and how to Compile a Custom Kernel as well as how to install nVidia drivers direct from nVidia's website.

    I get the drivers compiled/installed everything seems to work, get the nvidia splash screen, but when running something such as glxgears or anything to test to test out my FPS using GL, I get the no found errors. Must be a symlink somewhere or something, im not even sure. But definately would be a good tutorial as their are tons of people having issues installing nVidia drivers on Xandros, only option we have atm is to install the ones from the Xandros Networks which is ok, but im the type as well as many others who want the latest drivers when they are avail.

    Thanks for reading!

    // Regards,

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