Database privileges created with strange backslash

Discussion in 'General' started by razor7, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. razor7

    razor7 Member

    Hi! As ahown in screenshot 1, for some strange reason the database privileges are created with two backslahes between the client id and the db name. That didn't happen before, as seen in screenshot 2, that was an user privilege created by ISPC 3.1dev in February this year!
    Manually adding the DB user through PHPMyAdmin it gets one backslash and it works (see screenshot 3)
    Any chance to solve this? how?
    Thanks a lot!
    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    Screenshot 3

    System specs
    ISPC 3.2
    Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS

    DB server data
    • Servidor: Localhost via UNIX socket
    • Tipo de servidor: MariaDB
    • Versión del servidor: 10.1.47-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 - Ubuntu 18.04
    • Versión del protocolo: 10
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  2. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell ISPConfig Developer Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Is this the 3.2 release? From memory, I believe that issue was in a 3.2 beta version, and fixed a few months ago.
  3. razor7

    razor7 Member

    Yep, I had 3.1dev (from git-stable) and I upgraded to 3.2 to see if the issue was fixed but I got it anyway

  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Thats a bug in a beta version and the issue is fixed in 3.2. The upgrade does not change existing users and databases. Delete the user and database and create a new one.
  5. razor7

    razor7 Member

    Thanks @till that's was the issue, creating an user after ISPC upgrade solved the error.

    Thanks a lot!

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