Debian and initrd problems.. or not ;-)

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    Lots of people have problems with new kernels.

    it so easy..

    here you can find the original link.

    I have AMD 1400CPU , so I am going to install the k7 version

    apt-get install kernel-image-2.6.8-3-k7

    search for the kernel like this: apt-cache search kernel-image-2.6

    and dont forget to update your initrd file if you use md devices
    and raid, on your root device, check if you do.
    first put the modules for /etc/modules in the /etc/mkinitrd/modules

    cat /etc/modules >> /etc/mkinitrd/modules

    lsmod | grep raid

    if you see md and/or raid add the lines to /etc/mkinitrd/modules


    check which kernel libaries are on your system here:
    ls /lib/modules on my system gives
    2.6.8-3-k7 2.4.18-bf2.4 2.4.27-10-hpt

    i was running kernel 2.4.27-10-hpt now but we need the modules
    from the new kernel.

    now make a new initrd:
    -o for the ouput file and then the kernel version.

    mkinitrd -o /boot/initrd.imd-2.6.8-3-k7 2.6.8-3-k7

    and update grup : update-grub

    reboot your server.

    if your server doesn't boot, reboot with the old kernel

    and run lsmod again and check for other modules.

    sugestions or improvements send then to me. [email protected] , thanx.

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