Debian squeeze to Wheezy issues

Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by dgeho1, Nov 30, 2016.

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    I have two servers (mirror) running ISPCONFIG 3.1.1p1
    In order to accommodate the installation of the latest version of WordPress and it's plugins, my research indicates that I need to migrate ultimately to Jessie.
    My servers were built with Squeeze.
    I did some research and it would seem the best choice would be to migrate first to Wheezy, then to Jessie.
    I found two guides on howtoforge that show how to make the migrations.
    I started by performing the upgrade on the slave server, with the intent that once it is done, to migrate the master to wheezy.
    The migration of the slave was plagued with enough issues, that I have several concerns.
    The error that seemed to give me the most issue was "Could not perform immediate configuration on 'mysql-server-5.5'. Please see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details" and re-installing mysql-server seemed to fix.
    then next error was the usr/lib/dovecot folders were missing and had to be re-created by copying from the master (still on squeeze)
    If I try to login to the admin page by browsing to the slave server from a machine on the LAN the login fails "Username or Password wrong"
    I'd like to know if there is a good method to verify that the slave server is actually working properly, and next if there are steps that can be taken to avoid problems upgrading the master to wheezy, and minimize downtime.
    I am prepared to offer money to someone on the team to assist me.
    I am a long time supporter, and have really enjoyed ISPCONFIG over webmin, and cpanel.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    I don't know which tutorial you used. Sometimes it's a little bit tricky to ugrade from squeezy to wheezy. Especially if you did not the output very carefully a did not let the upgrader reconfigure some files.
    Make sure, that mysql is running.
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    you can e.g. use:

    ps aux | grep mysql


    netstat -tap | grep mysql

    and errors should be reported to syslog file.

    I did not had issues with missing dovecot folders yet on a dist upgrade. Maybe the dovecot packages were removed during upgrade and needed to be installed again? This can happen when apt is not able to resolve some dependencies correctly.

    Florian is providing the ISPConfig business support, you can contact him here if you need help with the dist upgrade:

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