Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS ?

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Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS?

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  3. CentOS

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  1. webmarker

    webmarker New Member

    I installed in my current server Debian but I will buy another one next week and I'm thinking to change distribution. Which one do you personally think is best between Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS? The resources of the server are very limited which one runs better with low ram (2gb)?

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  2. byau

    byau New Member

    Depends on for what. I have CentOS having more resources because you can access CentOS and Redhat resources.
  3. zcworld

    zcworld New Member

    i got an VPS thats running centos 6 with 64bit OS

    happy on 1 GB ram with 1 GB of swap .... at most its never goes over 700 MB

    only time i seen it using swap is when i use my Desktop system on it via VNC

    i got web / SMTP/POP/FTP / SSH ... and its runs around 300 MB

    but like anything it comes down to what you are going to be happy running and know best

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