Default Apache2 on Debian or Ubuntu Page vs ISPConfig and Rolling Domains.

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    • Having the It works/apache2 page when someone points a domain at your server.
    • System -> Server IP Address / IPv4 and IPv6, domains are random and fixing it.
    I had two issues in the past that came to light after migrating to a new server and distro (Ubuntu -> Debian)

    After many follow the tutorials to the "t" and finally get a domain inserted (domain1.tld) and they get their Welcome to domain page is all nice and dandy, what many are getting thrown off by is the (notadded.tld) domain that might point via dns/host but not added in the ISPConfig and they get the Apache2 "It Works" page located in /var/www/html/index.html. Many might think they didn't configure their system right. or missed a step.
    I just add a nice logo and small text there to say Domain Parked. When I go into ispconfig3 and add the "notadded.tld" to it and give it a minute it goes to its proper page of /var/www/cnotadded.tld/web/index.html...

    It would be nice to add a feature in 3.1 or later to change that or put something either ISP related or just something different. I know that we can also work on maybe a "suspended" page for domains that either got suspended or went over their bandwidth. Whenever a client goes over given bandwidth per month they would have gotten the "Default apache" page which is ugly and doesn't give clients any input or feedback. Even now showing a Parked Page after customize /var/www/html/ still is a bit off.

    The other issue I ran into after migration was pointing other domains to the server, I would point 'notadded.tld' and instead of seeing the "parked" page I would see an actual site, 'someclient.tld' which throws you for a weird loop. Don't recall exactly why and what might have caused it but I checked older server and noticed some differences and what fixed it was to remove IPv4 & IPv6 from System->Server IP and going back to "Sites" and click on any domains, it has IPv4="*" and blank IPv6, although the apache vhost was still populated with bunch of old/prev. stuff and I had to go deactivate domains, let it run through it course, noticed my apache vhost went down from a bunch to just 3 entries and started reactivating the domains and my apache vhosts are building back up properly without the ipv6 and nor ipv4 listed.

    Ubuntu 15.10 -> Debian 8
    ISPConfig Migration Script
  2. till

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    You can add a custom default page in ispconfig like this:

    Click on new website, enter "000default.tld" into the domain field and click save. Then upload your custom default pag into that website.
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    You could likely make this default website utilize ispconfig's api to check the status on the http hostname, and display an appropriate message if it's suspended rather than parked/needing added. For those which are parked, maybe you'd want it to send you an email and let you know it might need added (mayb rate limit that to one email per domain per day or so) .
  4. DDArt

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    Thank you, had to take a double look at the manual and see if I missed this and should have read it. (I still should, again).
    Didn't know about this feature, so mainserverdomain.tld has it's own /var/www/ I would create another
    one under same client (myself) but add, 3 zeros 000mainserverdomain.tld (going /var/www/000mainserverdomain.tld)
  5. till

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    Thats not ispconfig specific, if apache and nginx cant find a vhost where the domain matches, then they will show the first one that they find in alphabetical order, the 000 in front just ensures that this vhost is always the first one, the domain name itself does not matter and dos not need to exist in dns.

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