Deleted few rows (datalog_id) from sys_datalog

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by OptimBro, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. OptimBro

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    Check screenshot:
    I have deleted rows (datalog_id) from 386 to 408 to fix "stuck job queue"
    I added a new webserver to my multiserver setup, but every job was stuck for this new server. Then I deleted datalog_id for stucked job queues, it removed the red circle.

    Problem was, I have not added new server's IP and hostname name on masterserver's /etc/hosts file. Adding record there fixed the problem. Every task from ISPconfig done on new server then started working properly.

    My question is that I have deleted some data from sys_datalog, so will that create any problems? As datalog_id after 386 to 408 is missing, and new job is being created using new ID 409, not from 387. So, will that create any problems?

    It's a production server.

  2. OptimBro

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    Can someone reply by checking the screenshot? Will that affect anything in the future?
  3. till

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    It should probably be ok. next time, don't delete any datalog entries, instead, set the updated column of the server table to a higher number to skip datalog items.
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  4. OptimBro

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    Thanks so much @till , got it.

    Where can I find this one in the database?
  5. till

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    Database table is named 'server', this table contains a column name 'updated' (or 'update', not sure, too lazy to open the db at the moment ;) I'm sure you find it in the table, there is just one column with such a name) :).

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