Deleting a mailuser does not work completely

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by viewport, Mar 6, 2006.

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    Create a site, say "". Under that site, create a mailuser say "[email protected]" tied to system account say "web1_myuser". Delete that mailuser (via ISPConfig's web interface).

    The deletion seems incomplete. Both ISPConfig's own DB (table isp_isp_user) and the system's passwd file still show the mailuser (and the corresponding system user).

    In effect, it seems that creating a system user (invariably necessary to create a mailuser in ISPConfig) PERMANENTLY prevents the login ID from being reused, even if we try deleting the user from ISPConfig.

    Of course, I can "clean up" the records in ISPConfig's DB manually, and do a system `userdel' as well. But that puts ISPConfig far from being a self-contained control panel. My boss is not a Linux expert.

    Please advice? Thanks.
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    You're right. I emptied the bin, and the deletion was complete. Nice "recyle bin' feature! Limits human errors.

    Sorry. I did read the manual. But quite a number of sections were not accurate Eg, the Update Manager portion makes it look like ISPConfig can be upgraded from a web interface. I guess I lost faith in the manual after one too many "misinfo". Wasted a lot of time there. I'll try to spend time on the manual in future before I post here.
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    Parts of the web interface can be updated trough the update manager. But we limited it for security reasons to web update, this means it cannot update things with root permissions.

    Personally i think there is no misinformation in the manual, but its not complete though and some parts ate not very descriptive. ISPConfig is an open source project and the documentation of such a project lives from users who spend their time on enhancing it.

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    Agreed too. Ambiguous (incomplete) information can often be misleading. As for opensource constraints, see my opinion at .

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