desperate server help - SuSE 10.1 w/ Falko's tutorial

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bcpnikhil, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. bcpnikhil

    bcpnikhil New Member

    Hi all,
    I'm way new to the unix world.... all of my previous forays into the linux world have been playing with the GUI and very basic commands (ifup, dir, cd, rm, etc). Recently, however, I began a project to configure and run my own web/ftp server to host some school files for our speech and debate team.

    I followed the tutorial, and the web server seems to work fine ( displays my test index.html). I can also ping the server and it responds fine. The only problem I'm having is that I cannot Telnet, SSH, or ftp into the server. PLEASE help me fix this issue, it would really help me and my school out.

    BTW I think it's amazing that all the people in the Linux world seem to be extremely helpful. If the webserver works out in the end, I'm seriously thinking about switching to some distro of linux for my laptop.

  2. edge

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    I've done a small scan on your IP, and for me it looks like port 21 and 22 (and some more) are open.. So the FTP and SSH server are working.

    What error do you get when you FTP and/or SSH to your server?

    You are saying that you can see the 'index.html'.. Is that the 'Shared IP' one?
  3. bcpnikhil

    bcpnikhil New Member

    I was stupid... I just forwarded 21 and 22 and it worked. HOWEVER, i figured "this was too easy" so I JUST got gentoo up and working now! php, mysql, ftp, apache, everything. i learned two things
    1. summer is great
    2. gentoo installations really teach you a lot, and there's an amazing sense of satisfaction when you have figure out some stuff by yourself.. not that falko's not doing an amazing service to those who want to quickly configure a server.

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