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Discussion in 'General' started by Spum, Nov 30, 2005.

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    Hey there cats, i'm just here to tell you that all my other previous projects have been thrown off to devote time to ISPconfig 3 process. I'm glad to say that i'm going to be making a few rather nifty features which should piss on cPanel and others.

    The main things i'm working on are:
    • Webapp installer API
    • Script installer files
    • web-interacted installer scripts
    • Automated installer scripts for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and so on.
    • ISPConfig-based frontend for SQL management, with simple features, such as creating user, creating databases, tables, and so on.

    The biggest thing i'm "stoked" about is the Webapp installer API. This is one creation i shall be very proud of ; It is an api that uses files and instructions based within those files to install applications. This means that the application installations can be easily made by anyone, by specifying which files need information editing within them, and other information that is usually required with an installation.. This means that the applications don't have to be hardcoded within the application like in cPanel, and new installs can simply be made by creating a file, then the app looks at the files within the list, then these get added to the list of apps the user can install.

    Sounds great eh? ;-)

    Viva till!

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