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    What's the diference with the field sys_user.groups (there we can save many groups with a comma) and the table sys_group?

    And what happened with the sys_user.default_group?

    What is the final answer?
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    The table sys_group contains a list of all groups.
    The database field sys_user.groups conatins a comma separated list of all groups where this user is a member.
    The default_group of a user is the "Default group" of this user, so if this user adds a new record of any type,e.g. a website, this record is owned by his userid and the default group.

    The permission system in ISPConfig works like the Linux permission system where you also have a userid, a groupid and a default group of a user.

    But do not modify these tables directly if you want that your software works with future ispconfig releases. Only use the API to add clients and other records.
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