Different clients sharing domain names?

Discussion in 'General' started by Loveless, Apr 10, 2017.

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    As I'm migrating stuff from lots of users on other servers to ISPconfig, I bump into this issue;
    Some of the older servers were purely based on local linux users with /etc/shadow passwords and maildirs in their /home/user/ dirs, and some of them shared the same domain names and domain aliases as their @domain for mail. They are supposed to be different clients on my ISPconfig server though. Is this possible?
    [email protected] also often used [email protected], and he logged in using carlos of course. But so did
    [email protected], who also often used [email protected]. Now Carlos and Carol are different Clients on ISPconfig 3.1dev.

    Is there still a way to accomplish the domain sharing between them? I searched in the docs, but could not find out how to set this up.
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    OK, color me impressed. I think it works. I was surprised to also find that I can have users pick their own login. So they can still use their first name if there are no doubles on the server. That's brilliant! This makes converting and migrating a lot easier. Thanks for whoever thought of the custom login option!

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