Direct client to `Records` tab page after client click Cancel button.

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    In DNS Zone, client can add records such as A, MX, CNAME etc, etc but when client click the cancel button they will be redirected to DNS Zone tab which is 'dns_soa','dns/dns_soa_edit.php' and not the Records tab which is'dns_records','dns/dns_soa_edit.php' page.

    Not a problem really but I found it annoying that you need to click the Records tab to add other records again.

    So to solve this problem is by editing file in
    . For example, open up dns_a_edit.htm find the
    <div class="buttonHolder buttons">
    section and replace button_cancel_txt line with this:
                <button class="negative iconstxt icoNegative" type="button" value="{tmpl_var name='btn_cancel_txt'}" onclick="loadContent('dns/dns_soa_edit.php?id={tmpl_var name='zone'}&amp;next_tab=dns_records');"><span>{tmpl_var name='btn_cancel_txt'}</span></button>
    Make changes to all other 11 button.


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