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Discussion in 'General' started by themark, Aug 17, 2016.

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    the (very useful) function of Disable SMTP (sending) for a certain mailbox it's look like that works on certain sysop, and not in others.
    For example we have a multiserver setup with servers with the following sysop:

    Fedora 13
    Centos 6.0
    Centos 6.2
    Centos 6.4
    Centos 6.5
    Debian 7.6
    Debian 7.8
    Debian 8.2

    The only sysop where this function not works is on sysop with Centos 6.0 and Centos 6.2
    All the others sysop (also the older Fedora 13) works like a charm.

    What we can check in order to make it working also on centos 6.0 and centos 6.2?

    Thank you.
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  3. Jesse Norell

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    grep disablesmtp /etc/postfix/*
    should return matches, it looks like /etc/postfix/mysql-virtual_sender_login_maps.cf includes the query (from 3.1) like:
    query = SELECT destination FROM mail_forwarding WHERE source = '%s' AND active = 'y' AND allow_send_as = 'y' AND server_id = 2 UNION SELECT email FROM mail_user WHERE email = '%s' AND disablesmtp = 'n' AND server_id = 2;
    (your server_id's may be different). So make sure the two servers which aren't working do have that query (or similar, I'm not sure how ispconfig 3.0.5 would vary) setup, and then make sure the mail_forwarding table has a 'disablesmtp' column which isn't set to 'n' for those users.
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    Got it to work Jesse, thank you for your update.

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