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    i've mentioned this issue before in a thread somewhere. If you are within a DNS Zone and use the buttons "Aktiv Typ Name Daten Priorität TTL" to sort the entries in the list, it breaks and lists all entries from all zones if you are logged in as admin, and all entries from all zones the customers owns if logged in as customer.
    As this could easily lead to user error i want to deactivate the sorting in this list until it is fixed. (I was not able to fix it myself :( ).

    I've already build a plugin to remove the ability for customers to delete zones with the "dns:dns_soa:eek:n_check_delete" event. Is there something similar for the sorting?

    Bug: https://git.ispconfig.org/ispconfig/ispconfig3/-/issues/6358
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    No, the sorting of items has no event. I've assigned the issue report to be fixed in the next update now.
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    Oh, thats great news! Thank you :) Will have a look then and see how it got fixed, may i learn a bit from it
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