Disable SSL for interface via database?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Gert Brantner, Jul 2, 2018.

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    ok, there was a mess trying to get SSL running for the interface for reasons I cannot easily explain in a few sentences. and old configuration tweak plus a catch22 with trying enabling/disabling letsencrypt & forceHTTPS for the stub website created in the interface. Anyways, the interface is not accessible (duh).

    I have it back to showing up w/ plain http by manually disabling SSL-clauses in the interface vhost config, but it won't let me log in, it simply jumps back to the login page. however, I have access to the database.
    I'm wary of letting the update script run _now because it will make more work (see "tweaks" above) which should not be done during daytime (CET).

    - Is there a way to disable SSL for the interface via the database?
    - Is there a way to disable the stub website created for the interface via the database?

    any help greatly appreciated!
  2. till

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    No, simply because the SSL config for the vhost of the ispconfig panel is not stored in the database. You'll have to edit the ispconfig vhost file and comment out the ssl lines.

    To disable a website, delete the symlink in the apache (or nginx) sites-enabled folder for that site and then reload or restart the web server program.
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