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Discussion in 'Linux Beginners' started by chuck davis, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. chuck davis

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    I have Linux Mint 20 on a USB to use only i need more disk space on the Linux USB if possible, i have no clue how to do this, but i need twice i have to reload Linux on my USB because it says iam out of disk space. My main OS is Windows 10. Any help with this problem i would be grateful. My exp. with Linux is not good now just email, searching the basics some terminal exp. is all. I plan on learning about Linux because i like it much more than Windows. What i have been told is try Linux on a USB first then decide which OS you want. Thank,s Chuck

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    Personally I normally setup triple boot since other than windows 10 and lubuntu, I got androidx86 installed as well. I feel like using usb won't give me the same linux experience - space and speed wise - as compared to installing it directly in one of my sdd partitions. My files are normally shared in nfts partition so whether I use windows or linux or android, they are still accessible.

    That all said you can try using a larger size of usb drive for your linux in about 32GB or above since without good knowledge and experience it will be quite hard to maintain spaces on a smaller size of usb drive.
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    When does that out of disk space happen?
    When I use USB stick where I have copied the Live image to boot Linux, it does not write to the USB stick. What kind of setup do you have?
    If you have installed Linux on a USB memory device, you should get 32 GB usb memory, that should be enough for while when running Linux. Just do not download videos or other big files so your USB memory gets full.
  4. chuck davis

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    Taleman i have Linux Mint 20 on a USB to try which is 14GB should i get bigger GB USB ? I do on a USB instead of installing it. i used PenDriveLinux for my USB iam guessing its called dont no iam not good with Linux i set persistance to about 2 GB i dont even no i did that right. Should i get bigger GB USB and set persistance as far as it will allow on PenDriveLinux? My main OS is Windows 10 i wish to keep both. As far as downloading i never do that. I have a new HP laptop w
  5. chuck davis

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    Taleman heres what i did i have my Brothers Acer laptop it has Linux Mint 20 installed i then took my USB and formatted it on Acer ( Linux ) to NTSF instead of Fat 32 on my Windows laptop it seemed to work better. Iam new on this site and very lost. Will you tell me how to make my posts as solved. My WIFI and Disk post is solved. Taleman i replied to your post, not even sure i did that right. Thank,s To All Helping Me. Thank,s Chuck
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    Marking a thread as solved is possible for the creator of the thread. Then on top border of the first message there is link to "Tread tools", when topic can be edited to add [SOLVED] at the beginning.
    I have not used Linux from USB stick with persistence more that testing, so I do not know how much space it needs in actual work. It may be storing downloaded packages there, in which case 10 GB for persistence might be a reasonable amount.
    If persistence is now full, try if
    apt-get autoclean
    frees disk space. If not, and you have reasonably fast Internet connection or do not plan to re-install packages also
    apt-get clean
    frees up disk space.
  7. Bradd Smith

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    How to create disk partitions on the Ubuntu OS just like the Windows OS?
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    @Bradd Smith , is your question related to this thread? Why not create a new thread and post your question there.
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