Disk usage too high in /var/vmail and /var/spool/mqueue

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    I was wondering if someone could help me understand and protect the following problem from happening again. I have a 3 server cluster configured by following The perfect server guide for debian wheezy, I have a database, email and web server. My problem is that on the web and database server I have noticed a very high disk usage and when I investigated I found the following;

    1. In the web server: /var/spool/mqueue had reported 5.7Gb disk space, but when I deleted the content, 21 Gb was released and made available.
    2. In the Mail Server: /var/vmail/<domain-name/hostmaster had 33Gb was used by the user "hostmaster" and I have to delete this because I have noticed that the emails sent to hostmaster are all small errors that don't affect the server performance

    My question is:
    1. Why does 'var/spool/mqueue' contain emails?
    - those email were sent by to root@web<dot>mydomain, web<dot>mydomain is my master server which contains the ISPConfig control panel.
    2. How I can I control what emails are sent to 'hostmaster' or the error level that should be reported?
    - for every small error or warning that should be listed in the system logs, ISPConfig seems to send an email to host master which resulted to 33Gb of disk space since the server from November - May (which is ~ 6 months)
    - This is a lot of emails and I don't have the time to go through all of them even though they are useful, but since the servers are running fine and doing the job, I feel I should ignore these emails for now.

    What I did by deleting the emails for 'hostmaster' and clearing '/var/spool/mqueue' was a temporal fix, what should I do to ensure that this high disk usage is minimized in the future? - I am using low end VPSs for my small business so I mind disk usage very much.

    Anyone, please help and thank you for taking your time to help me.

    Kind Regards
    Lindeni Mahlalela

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