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    1. I think we should add a DMARC record only, when an spf-records exists and dkim is enabled for the mail-domain. This breaks the draft (see draft 5.6.2) but makes much more sense:
    A DMARC check pass if the auth-check for spf or dkim is ok. This means, that a DMARC check is valid without DKIM as long as the SPF-Record matches. This leads to an useless DMARC-Record as a spf-check could be done without DMARC. When the receiver does not validate DKIM-signatures, the mail could also have an invalid DKIM-Key and the mail passes the DMARC check.
    2. DMARC allows reports for rua and ruf to external addresses.
    v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:dmarc@[B][/B]
    is valid for
    If a remote address is used, a record in the remote-zone is reuqiered
    Code: v=DMARC1
    As long as the remote-zone is managed with ISPConfig, i can easily insert a record in the remote-zone (by ignoring permissions and limits) or check for an existing record with a sql-query.
    If the remote-zone is not managed with ISPConfig, i can use dig to check for a record but there is currently no way to add the record.

    Should the corresponding record add to a remote-zone managed by ISPConfig?
    Should a DMARC-record fail with a remote-address if now record is in the remote-zone?
    Should we just disallow remote-addresses?

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