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Discussion in 'General' started by mphayesuk, Jun 27, 2006.

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    I have my main domain www.xxx.com registered with an ISP that will let me alter the dns records, so I have created ns1 and ns2 to be my namservers, both are public ip addresses.

    Does anythin need to happen on my server or with ispconfig setup, do I need to enter somewhere that I have set these up.

    I have already entered the settings under management > settings > nameservers

    But there are no entries in my dns records...

    So the problem is that I have another 3 domains registered with my isp and all I have done is set the nameservers to go to my server, but nothing works.

    just as a check I have www.daisydays.co.uk and if you do a check on that you will see the nameservers are set but the web site wont work. (there is a holding page for it and ispconfig account ect... does work if I set a A record to go to my server directly) I dont want to let my isp do all the work because at some point I will be a registrar so I dont want to have to change customer records ect...

    Any ideas.

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    Sorted a slight router configuration adjustment was needed sorry for wasting anybodies time.

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