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    Hello I have installed ipconfig 3 on localhost, but I can not point to a test domain.
    My host file localhost debian.kaka2.com debian


    webdomain kaka2.com (debian.kaka2.com??)

    Not a domain purchased is to test

    How do I configure the dns zone?
    I have tried it
    dns zone
    Zone soa kaka2.com (correct?) debian.kaka2.com???
    ns kaka2.com (correct)


    0 3600
    www 0 3600

    But it does not work either inside the virtual machine, or from another computer.

    Thank you

    I'm sorry I was wrong, I wanted to write in the forum of ispconfig3
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    test dns 2.PNG

    test dns.PNG

    test apache.PNG

    How can i see my website

    test kaka2.PNG
  3. mart28

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  4. Jesse Norell

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    What you see is exactly what would be expected, you added a website for 'kaka2.com' (guessing it probably also answers as 'www.kaka2.com'), then you requested in your browser 'debian.kaka2.com', which is the hostname of your server, and it gave you the server's default webpage.

    DNS is irrelevant if you're using your local hosts file to point to the server; you don't need to set anything up there. It does look like you might need to put 'kaka2.com' in there though, eg. something like:
    Code: debian.kaka2.com debian kaka2.com www.kaka2.com
    And note that should be in *your* hosts file, not the hosts file on the server. Probably what you had originally is fine for the server.

    Then in your browser, request kaka2.com or www.kaka2.com and you should see your website. If you don't, what do you have set for the website ip address?

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