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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by lhatle, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. lhatle

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    Ok so system is working. My domain is set to link to system by DNSPark. Due to not having a static IP. This is a test sites using of ISPConfig. So I set my domain name servers to DNSPark. And everthing is fine there. Now with the added test domains what would be put in the name servers for them at Godaddy to direct them to my system? If i use ns1.mydomain.com then some where there has to be a record of pointing ns1.mydomain.com to the ISPConfig system. Have sent a ticket to DNSPark asking the same question but wanted to see what others have done with this kind of setup.

    Any input would be great please!
  2. falko

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    If you want to create/created the DNS records for your domains at DNSPark, then you would use the appropriate DNSPark name servers. If you want to use/use your ISPConfig servers as name servers for your domain, then you put in your ISPConfig servers at Godaddy.
  3. lhatle

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    I understand that it should be placed in the nameservers for the domain. But the part I am missing is how does the link between the name server and my server get resolved? Something somewhere has to tell it that ns1.divineservers.com is located at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and I am not sure where this would be located.
  4. till

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    You must set an A record for ns1.divineservers.com in the nameserver of divineservers.com. The nameserver for divineservers.com can not be ns1.divineservers.com or you get the common hen <==> egg problem ;-)
  5. kwickcut

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    ok i also have a question on this.. i am in the A record and i see Hostname and IP in these spots do i place my server name (myservername.com) and in IP do i place my router ip or outside ip thanks

  6. falko

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    If you want others to connect to that domain you must use your public IP address. And don't forget to forward all needed ports (e.g. 80) from your router to your server.

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