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Discussion in 'General' started by wrender, Nov 24, 2006.

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    I moved our server from Fedora 5, to Suse Enterprise 10. When I did this I had a lot of problems with the "Server settings" on the Enterprise 10. I eventually found out, that this was because I copied over my old ISP-config databases, which held the architecture specific settings for Fedora 5. I then changed them to corrispond with the SUSE Enterprise 10 layout, and everything ran smooth.... UNTIL I went to host my own dns. I then realized that I needed to change the location of the zone files from /etc/named/ to /var/lib/named.
    So I changed it... but i'm still having dns issues.

    I use 1and1.com for my dns... but I followed the nice tutorial on go-daddy that was for dns. I just applied the same concept to my servers.

    So here is what I have....

    Two domains.
    otherdatanetworks.com -with name servers set to ns1.otherdatanetworks.com and ns2.otherdatanetworks.com (maybe this should be set to 1and1's dns?)

    ns1.otherdatanetworks.com - points to first ispconfig server
    ns2.otherdatanetworks.com - points to second ispconfig server (This server isn't finished yet)

    otherdata.com - with name servers set to ns1.otherdatanetworks.com and ns2.otherdatanetworks.com

    On the first ispconfig server, i have setup a Master DNS for otherdata.com, and added all of the records according to the go-daddy dns tutorial.

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    Correct. A hint when you move a server the next time, do not overwrite the isp_server and isp_server_ip tables on the new installation with the data from your old server. These two tables contain the server specific settings.

    Does the path always changes back to the old value? ISPConfig checks if the path exists, this check is done by the user admispconfig, so you will have to make sure that the folder /var/lib/named has the permissions that admispconfig can "see" it, e.g put a global read permissions on it.
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    I don't think this is an issue. When I changed the path that ISPconfig stores the zone files to /var/lib/named, i noticed that it wrote the pri.* files into that directory within 5 minutes.....

    I did just change my otherdatanetworks.com name servers to 1and1's name servers.... I think this is what they should be? so....

    using 1and1 name servers
    subdomain ns1.otherdatanetworks.com points to ispconfig server 1
    subdomain ns2.otherdatanetworks.com points to ispconfig server 2

    otherdata.com (this is the actual domain I use)
    using both otherdatanetworks.com name servers. ns1.otherdatanetworks.com and ns2.otherdatanetworks.com

    On the ispconfig server 1, i have the dns master zone for otherdata.com

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    It ended up being because I had set my otherdatanetworks.com to use it's own name servers. When I set them to 1and1's I just had to wait about 6 hours for it to propogate accross the mega global hypernet.


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