Dns not propagated to internet?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Randy, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Randy

    Randy New Member

    Hi all,

    I have an ispconfig server now zooming along just fine and I thought that all was fine. The only thing is that I just noticed that the subdomains that I create are not accesible through the internet. Here's what I have done:
    * I have registered my dns and mail servers within the dns servers of my provider - ns1.domain.nl with ip-addres and mail1.domain.nl with ip-address. (I have done this for two separate servers)
    * I have created a co-domain called webmail.domain.nl and pointed that to the url https://www.domain.nl/webmail
    * The a-record was created in the ispconfig dns correctly of webmail.domain.nl
    * If I use my own dns servers with my internet connection all works well.
    * If I connect to the internet with somebody elses internet connection, then the url doesn't work. Also the co-domain is not recognized.
    * I have tested this for over one week, so it cannot be that the dns systems aren't synchronized within the necessary max 72 hours.

    So I'm thinking that the things that I put into the dns of ispconfig aren't aren't being synchronized with the top-level dns systems.
    Am I seeing something wrong, and or what can I do about this? What have I missed ? Please help, because this way I wouldn't be able to register domains for others.

  2. Randy

    Randy New Member


    I pointed it to https://www.domain.nl:81/webmail offcourse...

    And I now noticed that the url also doen't work locally anymore. Strange because the A records are in the pri-zone file. And they did work locally.
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  3. Randy

    Randy New Member

    Might it be, that because my domainname and ns servers are registered in the dns of my provider, that any mutations of "A records" also have to be done in the dns system of my provider regarding my own domain?
    This question is because I thought that it would be possible to add mutations to my domain in my own dns server (ispconfig) and that those mutations would then be propagated to the dns of my provider and so on...
  4. martinfst

    martinfst ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    If you don't have delegated authority, you cannot change DNS records owned by your ISP. You would then have to ask your ISP to change this. Or sometimes the ISP offers their customers the ability to change their own DNS entries by providing them with some kind of control panel .....

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