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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by nenad, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. nenad

    nenad Member

    I am using ISPConfig at Linux Debian 6.0 updated to the latest.

    I have problem with DNS:


    I think that I setup correctly everything at regostrar and in ISPConfig as well.
    Where should I look for the problem?
  2. SunnyD

    SunnyD New Member

    I may be wrong (I'm probably wrong - DNS is tricky) but given the results of http://www.intodns.com/gasthofadler.ch (similar to what your results show)...

    I would venture a guess that you never set up your DNS zone in the ISPConfig Control panel for you domain and/or registered your nameservers as the authoritative servers for your domain? Apologies if you have already done so, but if not or unsure, consult THIS HOWTO GUIDE. Registering the authoritative servers with your registrar may differ slightly than what is presented in the HOWTO for Fast Hosts.
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  3. nenad

    nenad Member

    You were right - I forgot to add A record for NS1 & NS2

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