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    Hi all.

    I have two working enviroments, one have some websites and the other is empty. One is a cloud server, running Centos 6.0 with ISPConfig 3, Apache2 and Courier (The one wich have websites). The other one is an dedicated server with CentOS 6.3 with ISPConfig 3, Apache2 and Dovecot, is empty so i can reinstall or do anything a need.

    ISPConfig 3 is installed as default mode, not expert mode on two servers.

    Now that Cloud server is in production enviroment, how can i setup my primary and secondary name servers. For example. Now ns1.heraclestudios.com and ns2.heraclestudios.com are on same machine (The c.loud server). I want ns1.heraclestudios.com on Cloud Server and ns2.heraclestudios.com on Dedicated Server (And if it will be posible ns2.heraclesutidos.com as slave on cloud and ns1.heraclestudios.com as master on dedicated).

    I have to upgrade ISPConfig 3 on both machines and change to advanced mode?, could y loss all my websites if i do it?. how to do ti?

    I think that for nameservers, i have not to use a multiple ISPConfig 3 Server on expert mode, i can work with two ISPConfgi 3 Server in stand alone mode. But in this case i have to replicate zones in master -> slave and slave -> master. I am not sure if this would be possible.

    I have read two or more tutorials, but they are for and new installations. What i can do on production enviroments where the first server was installed ind standar mode?. I don't want to do anything if i can loss my websites.

    Thanks for your responses.
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