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    I'm trying to understand an SPF problem that I find in mail log via postfix :
    Invalid Sender. SPF check failed, please verify the SPF/DNS configuration for your domain name. OFR003_397 [397] (in reply to MAIL FROM command))
    I went to mxtoolsbox.com to do a lookup on the TXT entries of the domain and for the SPF it tells me that the record is
    "v=spf1 mx a ~all"
    while on the DNS zone in ispconfig I have
    v=spf1 mx a ip4:IP.OF.SER.VER a:my.hostname.com a:mydomain.fr a:mail.mydomain.fr ?all
    If I test the TXT lookup of default._domainkey.mydomain.fr it tells me DNS Record not found while in the DNS zone I have
    v=DKIM1; t=s; p=thekeychain
    I restarted bind9, the zone has everything in TTL 3600 and the last change was made yesterday during the day.

    I have the impression that the DNS zone is not used at all.

    Thanks for help
  2. till

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    Maybe your ISPConfig server is not the authoritative DNS server of this zone? You can add and manage DNS zones in a specific server only when that server is responsible for that zone, so if your ISPConfig server is not responsible for the zone, then it will not get used. A SPF (and any other DNS record too) must always be added to the server that is listed as the primary DNS server for that zine.

    The problem is, by not posting your real server hostname and real domain, we can not help you with your issue as we can not look up the zone.
  3. sebolavie

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    Hi till,

    Sorry I didn't dare posting your real server hostname and real domain I didn't know if it was allowed in the forum rules.

    Hostname: bibliocollex44.pro-fhi.net
    Domain: livre-du-collectionneur.fr

    The server hosts the website livre-du-collectionneur.fr

    How to set my ISPConfig server as the authoritative DNS server of this zone ?
  4. Taleman

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    My signature has link to DNS setup tutorial. It tries to explain even that.
  5. till

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    Currently, the zone does not seem to have any nameservers et up yet, so your ISPConfig system is not the name server of that zone. You must go to your domain registrar and there you can set your ISPConfig server to be the name server for this zone. @Taleman has written a detailed guide on how to set up DNS zones, the link in his signature as he mentioned above.
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    I admit that I no longer understand anything. I've been doing website hosting for years, used to Cpanel or Plesk, for a few months I've been putting my new hosting of large sites alone on a server with ISPCONFIG which I think is great, but with this one it's not simple.
    The domain has the server name bibliocollex44.pro-fhi.net (see attachement)
    This server name is a subdomain directly created on the DNS zone of my pro-fhi.net domain at my registrar and which points in entry A to the IP of the dedicated ISPconfig server.
    I also created ns1.librairiecollex44.pro-fhi.net which points to one of my Cpanel servers where I created a DNS zone pointing to the 4IP of the ISPconfig server and the same for ns2.librairiecollex44.pro-fhi.net on another Cpanel server.

    So if I understand correctly from the tutorial I watched, I would need to have two other servers with ISPConfig only for DNS management.
    One with ns1 and the other with ns2 and on each the DNS zone of my domain which points to the IP of the server which hosts it. Shouldn't the DNS zone be on the server hosting the domain?
    If this is the case, is it possible to automate when I create a domain on the ISPConfig hosting server that the DNS zones are automatically created on both DNS servers?

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  7. sebolavie

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    If it's too complicated, I think I will copy the DNS zone of the domain to make it identical to that of the domain registrar and reactivate the default server names of the domain at the registrar.
  8. Th0m

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    If you do not want to use your ISPConfig setup as authoritative namserver(s), there is no need to set up a DNS zone in ISPConfig.
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