DNSSEC between ispconfig and godaddy

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    Okay so godaddy has a dnssec section. Does this even matter if you're using glued nameservers?

    I'm trying to get a green checkmark on at least one of the internet.nl.
    My zones in ispconfig have dnssec turned on and are active in ispconfig but it's still failing the check.
    Godaddy has this


    so looking at the dnssec in ispconfig and googling.

    Keytag: Do I use the keyid numbner? Or does it matter?
    algorithm: 13
    Digest Type: 2
    Digest: Not sure which key string to use here. Is it the public string? What about the space before the 8 additional characters? Godaddy didn't allow for spaces in their form. So I can just erase the space and then it will at least accept it in the form. Are the 8 additional characters part of the key?

    ispconfig has something that looks like this.

    Public key section example?

    domain.com. IN DS 00000 13 2 hidden space 8morecharacters
    Private key section?
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    That's a great place for me to start. Gracias Til.
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    I think I got my answer.

    Whitespaces are allowed (RFC 4034) states but godaddy (true to form) doesn't support it in their form.
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    Just wanted to respond once more to show off my triumph of one of my domains here TIL.

    Thank you so much! This is so much fun. It's not perfect but I didn't think I'd make it past the 50% marker on this for weeks and maybe wouldn't have without howtoforge over the years. One my favourite places on the Internet that has been consistently good for years. You have a lot to be proud of.

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