Does the ISPConfig Postfix and Spamfilter Whitelist accept wildcard subdomains?

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    I'm seeing more and more server names with, where XXX is a server number in a pool of servers (probably to minimize blacklist problems). Some send with email addresses like [email protected], why I don't know. Not all of them have reverse host lookups that pass properly or consistently and some are important emails our customers are requesting be allowed through and not blocked or automatically rejected by postfix. I see this a lot with automated password reset emails or email confirmation messages after someone sets up a new account somewhere. Each resent email comes from a different server so they continue to get rejected.

    It seems like whitelisting with does not automatically include these sub-domains or server names. Do I need to use something like @* as an additional entry in the Spamfilter Whitelist and Postfix Whitelist to include these servers or addresses? What's the proper format or best way to handle this? For example, has been a problem.

    Or is there a global setting somewhere I can list common domains that need to bypass filters and potential rejects, instead of allowing on a customer by customer, domain by domain, basis for each hosted in ISPConfig?
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