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Discussion in 'General' started by nhybgtvfr, Nov 2, 2016.

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    the data in the domain table is completely out of sync with the data in the web_domain table.
    i need to re-enable the domain limit module to run a import from a plesk server.
    i had problems with this before, it started re-writing domain names. so i want to fix the data in the domain table first.
    can i just delete all the data currently in the domain table then select those fields from the web_domain table and insert them into the domain table? or do i need to do this through the ispconfig interface?
    do i need to run any resyncs afterwards? this is on a multi-server installation.

    also, what isn't clear from the migration scripts. if a client/login already exists in ispconfig, and i don't reserve the name, and a plesk server has ccounts with the same client/username, is the ispconfig account and it's websites removed/overwritten? or are the newly imported websites/databases etc merged into the already existing ispconfig account?

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    One thing you might check, I thought that when domain control was off and you had websites/email/dns created, then turned domain control on, it would automatically add all the current domains for you. If so, just turn it off, do your migration, then turn on ?

    (I can't answer your other question, no experience with the migration tool.)

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