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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by arraken, Mar 30, 2016.

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    I enabled the "Domain Limits" function and I really like it so far. However there are some limitations to which I have some questions:
    1. A customer can not create a new "standalone" website for a subdomain, if I (as admin) don't manually assign the subdomain to the client first. This is very impractical, because customers should be able to create any subdomain for their owned domains themselves. There is a workaround with the "Subdomain (vHost)" function, but that is not ideal if the subdomain is a real standalone website. I think in this case it should be created as a real website, with its own folder, php-user and backup options. Is it feasible to just add an optional free-text "host" field to the "website-creation-form", while leaving the Domain field as a dropdown? This would be the ideal and most logical/correct version for creating standalone subdomain websites I think. I could add a new feature-request for that, if you don't have any objections.
    2. For Aliasdomains there is a similar problem, but there's no workaround for it as far as I see: With domain limits enabled, a customer has no way to create an alias for a subdomain. So sub.mydomain.tld -> is not possible, without manual interference by the admin. There should definitely be an optional free-text "host" field here too, like it already exists for the "Subdomain" and "Subdomain (vHost)" forms.
    What are your thoughts on this?
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    The domain limit module exists to limit the use of domains and subdomains to the ones that the admin created in the client module for this client. So if a client shall be able to use a domain or subdomain, you as an admin will have to add it first in the domain module for this client. Feel free to make a feature request to allow clients to create their own subdomains even with domain module on.
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    Ok, I will do that. I think at the moment the implementation of the domain limits is quite inconsistent, because a user CAN actually create his own subdomains, via the "Subdomain" and "Subdomain (vHost)" features, but he cannot do so with aliasdomains, or standalone websites.
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