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Discussion in 'General' started by retran, May 30, 2006.

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    I use the domain name prefix for creating users in ISPConfig. I do this because the number system based on the ID of the user is a very hard way to track and manage users, is not very intitive for the users themselves, and just all around makes more sense.

    The problem I run into is that I cannot create any users for a site with a domain that is longer than 32 characters. Believe it or not with my clients this is a common occurence. Is there any way to either...
    over-ride the 32 char limit...
    or create a different method when using the DOMAIN prefix that would truncate the domain to a reasonable number of chars, and if when truncating it is not unique it applies a "1" suffix (and "2" if that is taken and so on) to ensure its uniqueness?

    I believe I can get around this problem by changing my settings to have no prefix, then back again after I create this user. But I would like the hard rules like I suggested above to apply consistently for reseller accounts. Perhaps there is already a way in ISPConfig to do this? If not let me know and I can post a thread in the Features Request category.

    Another issue I find is having to manually create a user for each site. This to me seems redundant as most of my sites I create are for new users! Is there a way to have a standard user created every time a site is created perhaps derived from a setting in the basis template used?

    Another question I have, is why the error message for surpassing the 32 char limit is a dead end? Wouldn't it make sense for there to be a link to return to the form and try again instead of having to rely on the browsers frame navigating features (that some do not have) to return to the form?
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    There's no way to circumvent this. The 32 char limit is a Linux limit for user names, it's not made by ISPConfig.

    No, you must create the users manually. You could automate this process with the remoting framework:

    All the error messages are "dead ends" because the error messages are defined in the language files where we cannot specify dynamic links.

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