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    I'm trying to setup a server with ispconfig to run a web host. Currently I have two servers behind a router one operating a phone system and the other I'm going to use for my mail and web host. When I set the server up according to the HowTo for setting up a minimal Ubuntu 16.04 server it states to give it a example1.domain.tld yet when I get into ISPConfig it does not working using that subdomain but will work with just the domain.tld
    Google is my registrar and I have added the sub domain to my domain as a host record.
    Any ideas why it is not working? or should I just set it up with the primary domain and be done?
    My plans are to install more servers in the future so I really would like it to use the subdomain.

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    Don't not use domain.tld for your server hostname.

    This is what I did for mine - I set cname for my example1.domain.tld to my router no-ip subdomain I set my router to automatically update my router no-ip subdomain since I use dynamic IP.

    If you have fixed public ip, you can simply use A record for your example1.domain.tld. You might want to dig your example1.domain.tld to make sure it is pointed to your router public ip.

    Just in case you forgot, you normally get to your ISPCOnfig on example1.domain.tld:8080. ;)

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