DRBD + HA + OpenFiler - The Virtual IP for iSCSI

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    Hello HA Masters,

    I have successfully created a failover cluster following the Installing and Configuring Openfiler with DRBD and Heartbeat guide on this site.

    My failover nodes are contained in virtual machines and replication traffic is directed over a separate subnet. All aspects of the failover appear to function as expected; however I am requesting some guidance on how to configure an additional virtual IP for the nic replication traffic is ported over.

    My intent is to add an additional nic for iSCSI traffic to serve up requests to other virtual machines so that drbd replication traffic is isolated from web interface traffic which is isolated from iSCSI traffic.

    Is this as simple as adding another resource in the cluster.xml file?

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    	<clustering state="on" />
    	<nodename value="node0" />
    	<resource value="MailTo::[email protected]::ClusterFailover" />
    	<resource value="IPaddr::" />
    	<resource value="IPaddr::" />
    	<resource value="drbddisk::" />
    	<resource value="LVM::vg0drbd" />
    	<resource value="Filesystem::/dev/drbd0::/cluster_metadata::ext3::defaults,noatime" />
    	<resource value="MakeMounts" />

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