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    I love Gentoo, ALOT. When a friend gave me the Hackthissite Gentoo Live cd, i couldnt resist. But i had a problem. I am running a HP Compaq nx6110. It is a discontinued model, slated for overclocking :D, but im lucky, all my components work for Linux, except for the aforementioned. I am running Windows, but its heavily modified (regestry tweaked/customised, shells, services switched off), but one day it crashed, from then on, i couldnt run boot disks :( at ALL. Not even the Ubuntu or Gentoo disks, but when i try my Toshiba M50-YK5 it works!!. I would like some answers please. Also that Hackthissite Gentoo Live cd, cannot work, so i want to install it on my harddrive. That same friend told me to create a VMD(Virtual Machine Drive), then create a new letter (like G) and to use the gentoo disk on that so it would be a seperate partition so i could boot from it. Is that sound advice? Would it work? I would love some answers!! Oh enjoy the info here
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    hey all i have a update

    i have an idea...would this work? Im also asking people at

    mkdir /opt/hackthissite
    mkdir /mnt/loop0
    mount {the iso image.. i dont know which one to use}
    mkdir /mnt/iso
    find | cpio -pdm /opt/hackthissite
    cd /opt/hackthissite
    unmount /mnt/loop0
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    You cannot boot from a Linux CD even if you tell your BIOS to do so?
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    I Reset My Bios

    I reset my bios. THIS WORKED!! Though i still dont think that the commands for this version of gentoo are the same as any other (if you must know im typing this from the live cd :p ) i tried a simple mkdir /bin/testing.... it didnt work. I am checking for the shell commands for this (at least the boot) but the website is down (love the FBI :rolleyes: ) Any help is appreciated!! Cause Windows is down (stupid corrupted .dll) And I
    NEVER want to use it again. Ill only make a exception for Windows Vista (i heard that it was good). Anyways it WOULD be appreciated if you could all tell me where to get a fire wall.... I saw a thing on cybercop...

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