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    Hi, ispconfig is already amazed me with its powerful functionality and I decided to migrate all my sites from current setup (already nginx but without GUI panel). Now I had small problem with Drupal nginx vhost as my vhost keep overwritten by ispconfig.

    1. The vhost template = nginx_vhost.conf.master , if I change this file will it be overwritten when I update ISPconfig in the future ?
    2. What is the best method to use custom nginx vhost template file ? I knew there is nginx directive field at ispconfig panel, but I want more 'permanent' default method as I dont want to input it everytime I add site using ispconfig panel. FYI, all my sites were created with Drupal.
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  2. Croydon

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    1.) there is a path /usr/local/ispconfig/server/conf-custom. if you put your changed script there, it will be used instead of the one in conf dir and will not be overwritten on update.
    2.) see 1.), copy the default vhost template to conf-custom and modify it to your needs.
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    Thanks @Croydon. I'll give it a try then. :)

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