Dual boot on HP 3105m netbook. Is UNR worth looking at?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by MRAsplund, Oct 7, 2011.


what is a poll sorry newbie to this forum

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  1. MRAsplund

    MRAsplund New Member

    Well, I cant get around having Windows on this notebook/netbook. I would also like to add a Linux distro but am slightly apprehensive. I did use Jolicloud for a few weeks and it was nice but not for me.I was looking into installing Ubuntu 10.04 netbook UNR. Though when I download and install its WUBI installer it just boots into UNR not installing. My Question is what is hte best way to install this product. It has been years since I have messed with windows and cant loose the data in the windows7 already on there. Would someone please give some advice. Thank you.

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