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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rlhesson, Aug 15, 2006.

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    I use Roadrunner which allows web servers but does not supply you with a static IP unless you pay for business class which is a whole lot more expensive. Now granted, my IP probably only changes every 6 months or so so it is not a huge deal but my question is this. I use Zoneedit.com for my Nameservers and I was wondering if there was anything in linux that worked liked DirectUpdate. If you dont know what Im talking about DirectUpdate is a tool that keeps your internet connection alive so you dont loose your IP, and if you do loose your IP then DirectUpdate will update Zoneedit (or whatever dynamic dns site you use) with your new IP number. This tool is for windows and I was wondering if linux had a similar tool. It runs as a service in windows.
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    Dynmic DNS

    I use a site called dnsexit.com // free and they have a very easy linux config tool there to update dns -- and it checks at a set interval if ip changed or nt changed...

    Hope that helps
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    thanks guys!
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    no-ip.com also has a linux client for dynmic IP update :)

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