e-mail autoresponder not working

Discussion in 'General' started by murdocklawless, Mar 17, 2022.

  1. I can send and receive emails, no problem. autoresponder does not send anything. I checked the ispconfig logs but found nothing.
  2. Th0m

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    Can you share a screenshot of the config of your autoresponder?
  3. if you mean config file, I don't know which directory in?
  4. Taleman

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  5. till

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    Be aware that an autoresponder sends only one response in a certain time (a few days) to the same account to avoid spam, so you can't test it by sending emails again, you won't receive an answer even if it is set up correctly.
  6. I was not sure if he wanted this?

  7. how can I be sure if it is set up correctly?
  8. till

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    Please see post #5, I explain there how autoresponders work and that it will respond just once, in case you send multiple emails.
  9. I tried from outlook.com and it responded. yesterday not responded to gmail but today it started to respond. I'm sure that I did the same setup yesterday.

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