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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by aff, Feb 15, 2009.

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    I have Ubuntu on both a desktop and a laptop. I normally download e-mails on the desktop, in Thunderbird. A few weeks ago, I installed Thunderbird on the laptop, too, and copied all saved e-mails to the laptop, so that I have a back-up for all old e-mails (on both computers).

    Soon after that (maybe a week later), the same problem occurred on both computers. When I checked mail in T-Bird, the e-mails would download, with new e-mail titles/senders scrolling down in a list, as normal, on the top half of the T-Bird. However, when I selected a new e-mail, the body text of the e-mail did NOT match the title/sender at all. One of three scenarios, seemingly random, occurred with each e-mail:

    (1) The body of the e-mail was completely blank.


    (2) The body of the e-mail had some html code, which seemed to be a partial copy of an e-mail from one or two years ago. In many cases, this html code was identical for several e-mails.


    (3) The body of the e-mail contained partial text from e-mails from a year or two ago. As with #(2) above, this text was, in many cases, identical, i.e. the same partial e-mail text appeared on multiple e-mails.

    In other words, I did not get ANY actual text from the messages that people have been sending. All e-mails in the past couple weeks have displayed one of the above three body texts.

    I can surmise that even though the e-mails are downloading, the program is reading them incorrectly, such that the bodies of old e-mails are somehow replacing what should be the text of the new messages.

    I have no idea how to handle this. Any ideas? Your help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    For the moment, I am checking e-mail via web-based mail, but this is quite inconvenient, considering the high volume of e-mails I receive, and the need to extensively archive and save large amounts of e-mail.

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    Did you check if there's a Thunderbird update available?
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    Thank you. I believe I have the latest version of Thunderbird on both computers.

    I actually called a Linux support line earlier, and the problem is now partially solved. On the laptop, we removed the e-mail account that was having the Inbox problem, removed the saved e-mails from that account (that had been transferred from the desktop), and then created a new e-mail account on T-Bird.

    So, now the received e-mails download just fine, but the saved e-mails from before (from the desktop) are gone from the laptop. I am going to try getting those e-mails from desktop to laptop again, via a different method (import/export), and if that works, great.

    I can't afford to repeat the process to the desktop, because my only copies of all old, saved e-mails are on there.


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